See and Save 1 Day Fresh Sphere




The healthier way to whiter eyes for your nearsighted or farsighted vision – Get the healthy advantages of a silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens.

The Convenience of Daily Disposables, the Health of Silicone Hydrogel
If the convenience of daily disposable contacts appeals to you, See and Save 1 Day Fresh is an excellent choice—whether you’re new to contact lenses or want to switch from your current hydrogel lenses to the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel.

MaterialSomofilcon A
Water Content56%
Oxygen Transmissibility (Dk/t)*86
Base Curve (mm)8.6
Diameter (mm)14.1
Power Steps (D)
-0.50 to -10.00
+0.50 to +8.00
(0.50 steps after ±6.00)
No Plano
WearDaily Disposable
Pack Size30-pack and 90-pack
FeaturesSilicone hydrogel at the price of a hydrogel
A highly wettable lens surface, supporting excellent all-day comfort
Aspheric optics to minimise spherical aberration
UV inhibitor