Proclear Toric (Monthly)


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If you wear contact lenses to correct your astigmatism and you experience eye dryness and irritation during lens wear, CooperVision® Proclear® toric contact lenses may help. They’re made with PC Technology™ which was specially created for contact lens wearers like you; it binds water to your lenses, helping them remain fresh and comfortable all day long. Focus on life and not on your contact lenses with Proclear.

The features you’ll love

Made by CooperVision, a world leader in toric contact lenses, the Proclear toric design provides on-eye stability, comfort and vision performance

PC Technology binds water throughout each Proclear contact lens, creating a shield around it, keeping the lens clean. Contact lenses stay hydrated, helping them feel moist and comfortable throughout the day.

The Proclear lens material helps you avoid eye irritation by resisting deposit build-up over the course of your day.

MaterialOmafilcon B
Water Content62%
Oxygen Transmissibility (Dk/t)*21
Base Curve (mm)8.8
Diameter (mm)14.4
Sphere Power
+6.00 to -8.00
(0.50 steps after -6.00)
Cylinder Power-0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
Axis10° to 180° (10° steps)
WearDaily Wear
Pack Size6-pack blisters
FeaturesLenses stay moist and comfortable all day long
High first-time-fit success rate