Jimmy Choo

Rather than going through each of my apps and modifying settings, or tweaking individual browser settings (I use three different browsers) or just being careful not to type non-SSL URLs into the web address bar, is there a solution at the Windows level that will prevent anything from connecting to the web from my laptop unless it’s using SSL?

I also have mini apps installed like Gmail checker, etc that connect to the web of their own volition using my usernames, passwords and such, so it goes beyond just web browsers.

The reason I’m asking is I want to work securely on the general Internet when on public Wifi (e.g. coffee shops) without a lot of hassle or having to remember everything that needs to be locked down.

When I’m back home I want to go back to full access mode using any kind of protocol on the web.

If a website doesn’t support SSL when I’m out in public then I just don’t surf it – that’s not a worry to me.

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